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Trump rarely read the intel briefs when he was president. Why would he start reading them now?

Inflation is a risk, but the consequences of not doing enough would probably be much worse.

The Atlanta Braves have re-signed Marcell Ozuna! 👏

The choice doesn’t have to be between laissez-faire capitalism and state socialism. Distributism is a third way that is far superior to the other two.

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We need some good Teddy Roosevelt style trust-busting. Capitalism isn’t the problem. Corporatocracy is the problem. We need economic policies that favor small businesses over large corporations, credit unions over big banks and a local first mindset.

Fact: A federated social network (like the one you’re on now) is a lot harder for a government to shut down than Birdsite. 🐦

Good Morning!

Last night I released v0.10.10 which includes many improvements including #my2020!

The U.S. should consider sunsetting the two party political system. We really need more than two. (Yes, I know there are some others, but the current duopoly puts them at a major disadvantage and it's virtually impossible to gain traction.) Multiple parties would discourage extremism and preserve a measure of centrism in our government.

Also, why do we have a system that depends mostly on a handful of big stock brokers? Maybe tech should figure out a way to truly decentralize the securities space.

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Maybe the SEC should ban short-selling and further regulate margin trading. I'm a Robinhood account holder who only trades with my own money. Why should I be cut off from a stock I want to buy just because RH doesn't have enough cash flow in the right place to cover your credit line?

We setup an official Discord for increased productivity and communication between our dev team and users.

Join the conversation:

#pixelfed #discord

@hyperspacedev: I'm really enjoying the desktop client. Looking forward to the new iOS app as well.

I downloaded the Mastodon desktop client and so far I'm really digging it. Awesome, clean UI!

Elementary OS is a free open source operating system which visually resembles MacOS, but is built upon Ubuntu Linux. You can follow their official account at:

➡️ @elementary

The official site is at

#ElementaryOS #Elementary #OS #OSes #OperatingSystems #Linux #GNU #GnuLinux #Ubuntu #Distro #Distros #FOSS #MacOS

The entirety of Wired's February issue has been devoted to an excerpt from 2034: A Novel of the Next World War. It's a riveting read that I fear represents the path we're currently on. The full book releases March 9. I'll be buying it and you should, too.

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