@daver The only way to stop a Texas blizzard is with a Texas heat wave.

@nick Toot app is really good. It's a couple bucks I think but worth it. The mobile browser version of Mastodon is really good too.

@sf Yeah, apparently that whole server was set up for the purpose of shitposting and shock-speech. When I banned it, it removed any content and interaction.

@sf I really like the federation concept... and the Mastodon user interface. It's very well done.

I’m convinced that Tom Brady is a cylon or vampire or something.

My dream for Mastodon is for it to be a viable choice as a publishing platform for any creator. In other words, for people to not feel like they're locked in to Twitter or Instagram if they want to be professionally successful.

PBS, NPR, VOA, local public radio and TV and nonprofit news sources like the Texas Tribune need more support. NYT and WSJ are solid corporate outlets (for now) but they’re not completely immune to advertiser interference and inordinate influence of profitability considerations.

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Public-funded (but *not* state-controlled) and nonprofit news outlets are the future of journalism. Corporate-run news, especially in the United States, has become subpar. The big three cable news outlets are horrible. Newspaper chains like Gannett have gutted local news gathering operations.

It occurs to me that I've never done an official . I'm a writer and editor ... privacy advocate ... political centrist ... a huge sports fan, especially and (aka ). I'm the admin of a relatively new Mastodon instance for people who live in or have a connection to or central . I'm hoping to eventually build this into a healthy regional server with a strong local focus as well as world and national content via the .

The BBC World News anchor just said “glacier” and you can add that to the list of words that sound really cool with a British pronunciation.


Interesting analysis of party influence and American political dysfunction from a Canadian perspective.

The U.S.won't seriously consider any demands from a leader who promotes Holocaust denial and has said that Israel is a ‘cancerous tumor’ that ‘must be eradicated.’

If your primary source of investment advice is someone on TikTok, maybe rethink that.

@athanasio The main thing it would do is make it more difficult for the government to completely shut down access. New servers could replace blocked ones quickly. Iran would be playing whack-a-mole. Federation wouldn’t make the network immune to disruption, but by removing the potential for a single point of failure, it would keep the whole thing from being blocked easily.

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