Public-funded (but *not* state-controlled) and nonprofit news outlets are the future of journalism. Corporate-run news, especially in the United States, has become subpar. The big three cable news outlets are horrible. Newspaper chains like Gannett have gutted local news gathering operations.

PBS, NPR, VOA, local public radio and TV and nonprofit news sources like the Texas Tribune need more support. NYT and WSJ are solid corporate outlets (for now) but they’re not completely immune to advertiser interference and inordinate influence of profitability considerations.

@shane I think the internet and Google have done the most damage—people expect to get news for free, print classifieds make no sense whatsoever in this day and age, and there’s no money in print advertising. I’d guess that amalgamation in pursuit of greater profits turned into desperate scratching for survival. But we need local news as much as ever.

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