It occurs to me that I've never done an official . I'm a writer and editor ... privacy advocate ... political centrist ... a huge sports fan, especially and (aka ). I'm the admin of a relatively new Mastodon instance for people who live in or have a connection to or central . I'm hoping to eventually build this into a healthy regional server with a strong local focus as well as world and national content via the .

@shane Greetings! I am relatively new to the Mastodon ecosystem as well.

Still sorting out some of the lingo and nuances of the platform, but its pretty straight forward.

@sf I really like the federation concept... and the Mastodon user interface. It's very well done.

@shane Agreed. I have followed open web standards since the early 2000s when Zeldman and others working at w3C started to wrangle the browser madness.

Having so many standards like Activity Stream, Webfinger, WebMention, Linked Data, OAuth, etc... all being brought together is promising indeed.

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